The word 'Sustainability' grew to be a fashionable term in the consulting industry in the mid 2000's in Australia, albeit that the consulting industry and more specifically the SPP Group had been practicing sustainability in design from the inception of the company.

Consultants alike are commissioned by clients to provide their project with the best possible value for money design, be it capital or operationally cost driven.

In either option, plumbing consultants by nature of the service they provide conserve water and energy in the systems that they design.

Conservation in design means the use of less water and therefore the treatment of less waste matter, all which directly translates to a more economical and efficient design. This effectively flows on to smaller pipes, smaller pumps, more efficent use of power and a reduction in spatial requirements.

Many aspects of design are considered when adopting sustainability in design such as:

Hot Water: When considering hot water, there has always been a multitude of options open to the plumbing consultant solar, gas and co-generation or any combination of these methods are not new options. The experienced consultant will always have done an analysis on which system best to adopt to meet the client’s brief and criteria.

Water Supply: More than just providing reduced flow rated fixtures and outlets the SPP Group have been instrumental in the application of water management systems within buildings, systems that give the client a greater level of control and degree of accountability for water consumption on their property.

Waste Systems: SPP Group have also been a leader in the use of vacuum systems within the building industry. It is a little known fact that vacuum systems by the nature of their operation effectively reduce the consumption of water by up to 60% of traditional gravity systems.

SPP Group integrates the practical know how, with the knowledge of the various tools for assessment, to provide tailored solutions to whatever level of target our clients are looking to achieve.

When you engage SPP Group as your preferred consultant, you have a wealth of firsthand experience in design in the plumbing industry, having been involved in some of the country’s premier ESD projects.